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“Hello Mr. Fear!”: Our young students visit the Emotions Museum of Childhood

The Hellenic American Union celebrated International Museum Day with the visit of students in the Young Learners and Adolescents Program to the Emotions Museum of Childhood.

ΤThe children participated in the interactive exhibition entitled “Hello Mr. Fear!” organized by the Museum of Emotions of Childhood. This interactive exhibition was about the different fears felt by children, and how children can live better with them and increase their self-confidence. 

The aim of the training programs in the exhibition “Hello Mr. Fear!” was the creative approach of fear through play with interactive exhibits. Our young students received stimuli within the secure environment of the Emotions Museum of Childhood and learned better how to treat and deal creatively with the emotion of fear. It was a visit steeped in the values of holistic experiential learning.

The Emotions Museum is an internationally unique and interactive museum, which uses exhibits, play and storytelling to encourage children to know themselves and understand the world of emotions, while raising awareness and supporting adults on issues relating to emotional development. Established in 2006, the museum is a non-governmental organization and is a Member of the Association of Children’s Museums HOI «HANDS ON INTERNATIONAL».

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