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Hocus Pocus and the three Witches!

Hellenic American Union Rooftop

It was a Halloween party to remember! The three boo-tiful witches left their broomsticks aside to create a spine-chilling delicious cake like no other! The magic recipe called for spider eggs (with the eggshells for extra crunchiness, dah!), mummy powder, graveyard dust and of course the most precious ingredient of all… our lil’ ones bewitching laughs!  

What else happened at this wicked party you may wanna know… Teachers turned into mummies, cups into monsters, skeletons got their ‘heads, shoulders, knees, and toes’ back into place, balloons popped and there you go; delicious treats were on the floor! 

And then, off the three witches went to a night full of frights with a bag full of delights! And they all lived ‘ghoulishly’ ever after… 

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