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Preschoolers ∙ Fun Time Courses

The course aims at a friendly and smooth introduction to the English language. It includes songs, hands-on tasks, games, fairytales and activities based on multi-sensory learning methods, such as the TPR and the S.P.I.C.E. method.

Upon completing the course, students will be typically expected to:

  • understand and follow very simple instructions in English,
  • use very basic language structures,  
  • recognize and understand very simple patterns of communication related to themselves and their daily routines.

The course typically consists of activities appropriate for the children’s cognitive and developmental level such as:

  • Singing songs and becoming familiar with the class routine 
  • Acting out songs, chants, stories and poems with gestures and movement 
  • Repeating words, simple phrases or expressions from familiar stories as a whole class   
  • Matching symbols to visual stimuli 
  • Stating personal likes (e.g., about sports, food, animals) in very simple words and structures 
  • Refining fine motor skills through tasks such as:
  1. putting puzzles together 
  2. holding and using crayons or markers correctly 
  3. copying simple shapes and symbols 
  • Refining gross motor skills through tasks such as:
  1.  running 
  2.  neuromotor and muscle coordination  
  3.  bouncing and catching balls 
  4.  carrying items 
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