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Speak Up C

Adults ∙ Workshops

This speaking workshop targets both (semi-)guided and free practice in spoken language and expressions used in a variety of different communicative situations encompassing topics of a considerable degree of complexity and level of abstraction.

This workshop is especially designed to meet the linguistic needs of students at C1 and C2 level (CEFR, Proficient user) as regards the development of their speaking skills and nuanced language use in a wide repertoire of communicative situations and tasks.

Following a theme- and function-based approach, participants will be exposed to level-specific spoken input before asked to participate in a number of mini oral tasks (e.g., class discussions, role playing), prepare their own class presentations and take part in an ‘exit-workshop’ class debate.

By the end of this workshop, students are expected to be able to communicate in virtually every communicative situation in English, exhibiting an increased degree of confidence and drawing on a wide repertoire of linguistic resources. 

The workshop mainly focuses on the following topics:

  • Presentations in a variety of contexts/public speaking
  • Professions (past, present, future) /market demand & supply
  • Proper language use/political correctness/registers/language change
  • Flora & fauna/Nature trivia
  • Traveling/ experiences / unique destinations and landmarks
  • Wishes, hopes, dreams & visions
  • Human rights/ (in)equality
  • Historical mysteries / controversial incidents/ conspiracy theories
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