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Our Mission and Methodology

The mission of the Language Learning Programs at the Hellenic American Union Center for Applied Linguistics and Language Studies (CALLS) is to assist non-native speakers of English and Greek in acquiring the necessary language skills to participate in an international community as World Citizens. The Programs provide instructional excellence in a supportive, inclusive, learning-conducive environment and a productive link between language testing and teaching. Learning is facilitated by state-of-the-art educational technology, innovative teaching materials, and cross-cultural awareness.

Studying is an investment of time and effort that affects our life, career and personal development! Here, at the Hellenic American Union, we stand by your side on this road to success! Our mission is to help you achieve your goals through a combination of innovative and effective teaching methods. Aspiring to promote the importance of interculturalism, our educational programs aim to develop your language skills and help you become active citizens of a global, multilingual community.

Our philosophy

All of our educational programs aim at developing communication, literacy and sociolinguistic competence, as well as honing our students’ skills and effective strategies in written and oral speech. Taking into account all the different students’ learning needs, we carefully design our educational material and choose textbooks which promote the Communicative and Multisensory approaches to teaching as well as the Total Physical Response method.

Starting with preschool students, we have specifically designed our Kindergarten courses so as to include interaction, movement, music, experiments, fairytales, crafts and the use of technology! Students explore the new language while sharpening all their senses through fascinating language adventures and role-playing scenarios.

Interaction is the corner stone of all our courses for young learners, adolescents, and adults alike, since effective communication in the foreign language is our main priority. It is through our especially designed educational material, and our activities and cultural events which embrace language as a social practice that our students learn to think, interact, and become future-ready for the demands of an English-speaking environment.

But our commitment to sustaining students’ interest is a given even when it comes to exam preparation classes! For us, obtaining a language certificate is the culmination of our students' systematic effort to consolidate and successfully implement the strategies they have been taught. Familiarization with the format and the time limitations of each exam is an integral part of our students’ successful preparation, bearing the ‘signature’ of HAU’s long standing experience and high quality in conducting language exams.

But the best part is that the lesson is not confined to the traditional classroom! With our smart classes and the use of special, digital educational platforms, Blackboard Learn Ultra & Blackboard Collaborate, our students have the opportunity to attend classes in a hybrid/flex(ible) way. Being online or onsite no longer matters; the only thing that matters is never missing a thing from the #Hellenic_American_Experience!

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