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ORFEAS Terms of Use

1.    The present Terms of Use (the “Terms”) regulate the use of the Orfeas section (“Orfeas”) which is intended for use by its users (“you”) via the website (the “Website”) of the Hellenic American Union, an association lawfully established in Massalias Str., no. 22, Postal Code 10680 (“we”). By using Orfeas, you indicate your unconditional acceptance to these Terms as well as to the Website Terms of Use. If you disagree with the Terms or you do not want to be bound by them, please refrain from the use of the Orfeas. In case of conflict between these Terms and the Website Terms of Us, the more specific terms of the Orfeas Terms of Use shall take precedence.

2.    The Orfeas is intended for use exclusively by: (i) Foreign Language Centers or teachers in order to be notified about (language competence) examinations and other initiatives or activities that we organize, as well as to register their students for to these examinations; (ii) students, so as to be notified about examinations that and other initiatives or activities we organize, as well as to register and participate in these examinations; and (iii) examiners, coordinators and supervisors for examinations that we organize for the purpose of registering their data and getting notified about these examinations and other initiatives and activities we conduct.

3.    By registering data at the Orfeas, the individual declares that: (i) the data entered is true and accurate and will be considered as such until we are notified of its modification (if any) ; (ii) in cases where an individual registers data for a third party (e.g. a natural person making an entry on behalf of a Foreign Language Center), this person is authorized to make such an entry; (iii) in cases where an individual registers data about natural persons (e.g. a natural person making an entry on behalf of a Foreign Language Center concerning data of other individuals that are employed by this Center or a natural person registering data about candidates for their participation on the examinations that we organize ), he/ she has informed these persons about the ways in which we or the examination body (as the case may be) process their personal data , through information that is accessible on the website and/or other additional material that may be communicated by us from time to time and that he/ she has obtained their consent prior to transferring their data to us (or prior to its further transmission to the examination body, as the case may be) and before we (or the examination body, as the case may be) process it in compliance with the terms of the relevant notifications; (iv) where he/ she registers for the purpose of participating in the examinations that we organize, he/ she is aware of the Examination Regulations and the Examination Center Services and the HAU’s Certifications and provides his/ her consent in that regard, while insofar as he/ she makes an entry on a third-party’s behalf for the purpose of this party’s participation on the examinations that are being organized by us, he/ she has informed these third parties about the Examination Regulations of the HAU’s Center for Examinations and Certifications and has obtained their consent in relation to their compliance; and (v) where he/ she registers data about a minor under the age of 18, he/ she is considered to be the parent or holder of the parental responsibility or guardianship of this individual or has been duly authorized by these persons.

4.    Notwithstanding the terms set forth under section 4 of the Website Terms of Use, we consider that any use of the username/ email address and the relevant password that have been registered in Orfeas has been made by you and consequently produces the relevant legal effects. If you become aware that a non-authorized third party is making use of your data, contact us immediately at

5.    We may modify these Terms when we consider it is necessary. Any modification shall be effective from the time when the updated Terms are uploaded to the Website. You should check on updates of the present Terms. By continuing to use Orfeas and the Website after those revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Terms.

6.    These Terms are governed by the laws of Greece. The Courts of Athens (Greece) have exclusive jurisdiction to interpret these Terms and to resolve any disputes that arise.

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