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How to build a Micro-Monopoly

Free Event

Hellenic American Union Theater

3-hour Crash Course delivered by GrowthRocks in association with the Hellenic American Union about ''How to build a Micro-Monopoly''.

GrowthRocks in cooperation with the Hellenic American Union, organized a 3 hour Crash Course on "How to build a micro-monopoly" on January 12th.

When advertisements are constantly getting more expensive and their effectiveness is not the same as it was a few months ago, when competitors are multiplying, new products, the same, similar or even better, are presented every day against yours and you can no longer rely on a single strategy for the future of your business, then think about how to build a micro-monopoly.

Topics presented:

  • What is a micro-monopoly and how it can help your business by adding revenue, differentiate you and protect you from your competitors
  • The micro-monopoly as an SEO strategy, an inbound marketing strategy, a brand authority strategy and as an additional revenue stream strategy
  • How can you build it, what does it cost, how difficult is it?

Keynote speakers:

  • ︎Theodoros Moulos, Group CEO of GrowthRocks, Lead instructor Growth Hacking Academy
  • ︎Εffie Chatzigiannopoulou-Bersoux, CEO of GrowthGirls.
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