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Arts Management | Museology

Culture & Arts Management
Starting Soon
2 months

The Arts Management / Museology seminar introduces you to the notion and institutional framework of cultural heritage, museum management, and strategies for communication and audience engagement.

The seminar features innovative ideas and the day= to-day work of cultural professionals through case studies and best practices from the international museum community. It showcases the way that cultural management responds to today’s demands for social and cultural development, creation, communication, solidarity and inclusion.


  • Cultural Heritage
  • Institutional / Legal Framework
  • Organization / Operation / Management of Cultural Organizations
  • Financing Cultural Organizations – Cultural Events
  • Museums in the 21st century / Theoretical Framework, Cultural Landscape
  • Museums and Communication – Museum Visitors 

  • Learn at your own pace
    There are no pre-scheduled classes. You decide when and for how long you want to work with the material.
  • Certify your knowledge
    Complete at least 70% of the course and receive a Certificate of Attendance.
  • Log on and start learning right away
    You don’t need to install any software or special equipment. All you need is a good internet connection.

What days and hours does the seminar take place?

The seminar does not include lectures that take place on a specific day and time. You can organize your time as it suits you best by studying the provided material and doing the assignments either for a few hours every day or on the weekend. 

How is the lesson conducted?

The coordinator posts articles and other educational material that you study on the learning platform, which you then discuss with the other participants in the forum. The lesson also includes assignments which the instructor returns to you with feedback. 

Are there any live sessions with the coordinator?

Yes, during the seminar at least 2 group online video chats take place, to discuss thoughts and ideas around the seminar’s topic. The exact days and times are set by the coordinator after the start of the seminar.

Do I need to install a special program on my computer?

No, our educational platform, Blackboard Ultra, is completely online, so you only need a computer with internet connection. 

Do I need to do my assignments in English?

No, the whole seminar is in Greek. But you need a good command of English to understand part of the educational material.


The coordinator knew in depth the seminar’s subject and was able to successfully share the knowledge with the participants.

A very pleasant experience.

Alexandra Nikiforidou

Alexandra Nikiforidou works as a museologist and consultant to museums and cultural organizations. She has collaborated with organizations such as the Foundation of the Hellenic World and the Museum o ...

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