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Content Marketing Academy

Digital Marketing | Growth Hacking
Starting Soon
33 hours
Lower Intermediate

Learn Content Marketing tools and techniques

This 33 hour Content Marketing seminar is the most comprehensive content marketing training in Greece, specifically designed for content creators and marketers who need to incorporate content into their marketing strategy to grow their business and engage their audience.

The course will help you:

  • Drive sales, generate leads and increase traffic through content complementing your outbound and advertising strategies
  • Keep your customers happy and engaged
  • Increase brand awareness and brand loyalty
  • Learn from successful case studies such as: Shutterstock, Nike, KLM, Goldman Sachs, Buffer

Content Marketing Academy is developed and presented by GrowthRocks

GrowthRocks is an international Growth Hacking Marketing Agency that helps startups and well-established companies achieve rapid and sustainable growth. GrowthRocks is a team of growth hackers, web developers, designers, business consultants, and marketers that design and implement growth plans.

The course is offered in Greek. See more information in our Greek page.


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