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Digital Marketing for Foreign Language Schools

Digital Marketing | Growth Hacking
10 hours

In the post-Covid era, the reputation of a good school ("word of mouth") and traditional advertising tactics still are the most important aspects of a successful marketing approach to attract new customers.

However, technology and basic digital marketing tools can boost your customer base while at the same time showcase and nurture high-value customer relationships with your students and their parents.

This 10-hour practical, non-technical seminar focuses on the most popular online promotional tools and tactics. It  does not require experience in digital marketing.

The course is offered in Greek.  For more information see our Greek web page.

  • Plan your first steps in Online Advertising
  • You will be able to estimate the investment required in order to reach desired results
  • Start planning your own digital marketing strategy
  • Evaluate what you can do yourself and choose the right partners
  • Digital Marketing Plan: At the end of the seminar you will work on a simple  short page guide for small and larger budgets, in order to set up the digital marketing plan of your own business.

# 1 - Digital Marketing in the post-Covid era

What has changed in terms of shopping habits and why it concerns us as entrepreneurs and professionals of Foreign Language Learning


# 2 - Basic Concepts and Terms of Digital Marketing


# 3 - The digital market of Foreign Language Learning Schools

  • Searches

  • Keywords


#4 - Competition

  • How we look for competition and demand

  • Cases - dos & don'ts

  • Cases and examples of larger language learning schools


#5   E-learning Platforms


#6 - Advertising / Platforms

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads & Facebook Page


#7 - Digital Marketing Tools

  • Newsletters
  • Canva


#8 - Analytics

  • Investing in digital marketing is not an expensive solution but neither cheap
  • We can now capture everything, measure it and invest accordingly using the data given to us by Google Ads
  • Introduction to Google Analytics


#9 - Site & Landing Page Solutions - Tools (Wix, etc)


#10 - The Plan

  • Tactics for promoting Foreign Language Learning Services: goals, tools, investment

  • What you can easily do yourself

  • Why work with a digital agency

  • Q&A

Konstantinos Androutsos
Chief Marketing Officer / Data Driven Performance Digital Marketer

Konstantinos who is fascinated by numbers, today he is the Chief Marketing Officer, applying results-oriented and data-driven digital marketing strategies for small businesses and large corporations.S ...

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