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SME Lending and Digital Transformation

Risk Management
Starting Soon
16 hours
Lower Intermediate

This course offers an opportunity for staff engaged in private banking/private wealth management to equip themselves with the skills needed to formulate innovative strategies, improve their customer relationships and effectively manage their clients’ wealth. The focus of this training is on equipping delegates to help their bank to grow and attract win new business, to retain and develop existing client relationships.

  • Recognize risk types in the analysis of lending 
  • Use technology as a tool in the assessment process 
  • Adopt a structured approach to lending appraisal 
  • Recognize credit culture and standards 
  • Apply the general principles of lending 
  • Appraise different types of borrowers 
  • Calculate cash flows 
  • Structure appropriate facilities 
  • Take suitable security and understand its limitations 
  • Recognize other lending options 
  • General principles 
  • Credit risk in context 
  • Technology versus tradition 
  • Credit standards 
  • Principles of lending 
  • Personal Lending 
  • Principles of personal lending 
  • Personal lending and security 
  • Corporate lending 
  • Lending to SMEs 
  • Large corporate lending 
  • Corporate lending and security 
  • Corporate borrowers – when things go wrong 
  • Special types of borrowers 
  • Overview of different ways of lending 
  • Project finance 
  • Controlling the portfolio, securitization, and disintermediation

The courses will be delivered via ZOOM in 4 three-hour sessions (5:30pm – 8:30pm). Delivery will use a collaborative method focusing on discussions and exercises which will be led by an experienced facilitator. Participants will only need access to the internet, to a web cam and PC/laptop microphone. 

Banking Risk Training (BRT) 

In cooperation with Banking Risk Training(BRT), a niche risk training and consultancy company headquartered in the UK, we offer courses to help participants gain an overview of the field, advance their knowledge, and learn tools that can be implemented in their day-to-day tasks, as well as programs that focus on exam preparation for an official GARP certification. Our seminars cover a variety of areas in the field of Risk Management, such as credit, market, and operational risk, corporate governance, best banking practices, and training consultancy. (BRT) was formed in 2014 by Graeme Skelly (former Director of Barclays Bank) to undertake specific in-house training and consulting assignments in financial risk management. In 2017, after a decision to expand the company’s activities, Graeme was joined by Alastair Graham former Managing Director of the Global Association of Risk Professionals in London. During his career, which combines banking and education, Alastair has organized and delivered several training seminars globally. Recently, he was appointed as the Global Banking Education Standards Board’s first Secretary General. 


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