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Workshop on Online Teaching

Teacher Training
9 hours

How to become a great online teacher

The recent pandemic has accelerated a trend in teaching that was already gathering momentum in the past few years – online teaching and learning. Technology offers instructors the opportunity to develop new skills and competencies and to extend their services to larger and more diverse segments of the population.

Break the limits of the conventional classroom and increase income and professional status.

This 10-hour workshop exposes instructors to selected online teaching practices and helps them become effective, communicative, and self-confident online tutors.

Participants will have the opportunity to post questions before the workshop. In the closing Q&A session, the instructor will try to address as many of the questions posted.

  • understand the key principles and practices which govern the design and delivery of online classes
  • understand the role of instructors and students in online classes
  • design and implement interactive, collaborative, and engaging online activities
  • be effective in both synchronous and asynchronous online delivery

The Virtual Class and eInstructor

Designing the Virtual Class

  • technology
  • roles

Adapting to the needs of online teaching and learning

  • methodology
  • material

 The Netiquette of online teaching and learning

  • behavior
  • rules

Delivering in an online context

Engaging the student

  • activities
  • responsibilities

Managing the eClass

  • conflict
  • time

Synchronous and Asynchronous Delivery

  • participation
  • involvement

Assessment and Testing

  • material
  • approaches
Dimitris Tolias
Ph.D. – Director of eLearning, Hellenic American University, USA

Dimitris Tolias has been involved in education and in management for more than 22 years. Since 2011, he has been a certified and trained reviewer of CEA, a federal organization responsible for the acc ...

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