Mandatory Test Day Photography for Cambridge ESOL Examinations

As of August 2012, all candidates participating in the computer-based or paper-based version of the PET/FCE/CAE/CPE examinations are required to have their photograph taken on the day of their test.  

This new regulation is one of a series of measures that have been introduced by Cambridge ESOL in order to further enhance the security and integrity of the Cambridge English exams.

Please note the following:

  • This regulation applies to the CAE and CPE examinations administered by the Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications; it does not apply to versions of Cambridge ESOL examinations that are intended “for schools”.
  • Photographs will be taken either on the day of the candidates’ speaking test or on the day of their written test.
  • Photographs will be taken by Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications staff using special software provided by Cambridge ESOL.
  • For additional security, all files will be encrypted. Once the photographs have been transferred to the secure Cambridge Results Verification Service website, all local copies of the encrypted files will be deleted.
  • Candidates can control who can access their results and view their photographs by providing their unique Candidate ID number and Candidate Secret Number to universities, employers and other organizations they want to be able to verify their results.
  • Photographs are passport style.

When registering for the CAE and CPE examinations, candidates or their parents/legal guardians will be asked to sign to give their consent for the photograph. This text is included in the standard registration form.

Last Update At: 2012/09/17 - 08:59:52

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