The format and content of the STYLE 1

Section Τime Total marks Tasks No. of questions (excluding examples) Format
Listening 20 minutes 20 Task 1 5

5 short dialogues heard twice with 1 question per dialogue – candidates match the person with the picture

Task 2 5

1 dialogue heard twice – 5 short statements to which candidates choose True or False

Task 3 5

1 dialogue heard twice – candidates complete 5 gaps in a very simple list

Task 4 5

5 short dialogues heard twice with 1 question per dialogue and 3 picture answer choices per question

Reading &
Use of Language
25 minutes 20 Task 1 5

5 short sentences, each describing a picture – candidates choose whether each sentence is True or False

Task 2 5

A story divided into 5 short texts, each with 1 question and 3 answer choices

Task 3 5

5 short dialogues, each with a gap – candidates choose the best answer from three answer choices

Task 4 5

5 pictures – with one question per picture, each with 3 possible answers – candidates choose the best answer according to the picture

Writing 20 minutes 18 Task 1 3-4

3-4 questions forming part of a dialogue. Candidates use the picture prompts to answer the questions in the dialogue using 1 or 2 sentences

Task 2 1

1 question on the same topic as Task 1, to which candidates write a response

Speaking 5-7 minutes 9 Task 1 -

Answering personal questions

Task 2 -

Understanding and providing information in an information gap activity between the candidates

Task 3 -

Answering questions about the topic

The first three sections (Listening, Reading & Use of Language, and Writing) comprise the written part of the examination and they are all administered at the same day. The fourth section (Speaking) is administered before or after or even at the same day of the written examinations.

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