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Ask Yourself Where it is You Want to Go…

Pencils? Check Paper? Check Colors? Check All set! Ready? Let’s go!

Inspired by Peter H. Reynolds’ book “The North Star”, Hellenic American Union and Metaixmio publications invite you to a creative writing and art contest for children aged 6-9.


We are all so very different…different dreams, different wants and that’s what makes up our personal magic! We walk our own walk, we get lost somewhere on the way, but we never let go of our own ‘existence compass’, our own ‘North Star’ shining on our way…

Slow down…pause…look around you…listen….and then just take the next step!


Think of ‘lines’ and ‘dots’…where do they take you? Is it above the clouds? Next to the moon? Into the water? No matter where your path takes you, it’s already all so special because it’s YOURS! And now that your senses show you the way, grab some paper, pencils and colours and put your thoughts in words or pictures…If you decide to write about your destination, 350 words is all it takes. If drawing is your thing, well, just use your imagination! Both masterpieces deserve a title…We’re looking forward to seeing them by November 14th, 2022.

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