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Boost your ECCE Skills

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Each workshop aims to further develop skills at B2 level -of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)- focusing on the ECCE examination and drawing on new trends in educational technology and language teaching.  

Upon completing the workshop of their choice, through targeted practice in the part of the examination they are interested in, students will have strengthened their skills and developed the appropriate strategies that will allow them to meet the requirements of the examination. 

  • Boost your Vocabulary Skills 
  • Boost your Grammar Skills 
  • Boost your Writing Skills 

  • The Boost your Vocabulary Skills Workshop typically consists of working with: affixation (prefixes, suffixes, infixes), derivation, roots of words, idioms (definition, types, function), phrasal verbs (definition, prepositions and particles), and familiarity with practices and "smart choices" strategies in the relevant part of the examination as well. 
  • The Boost your Grammar Skill Workshop typically consists of: verb tenses, use of gerunds/infinitives, passive voice, causative form, conditionals, wishes, inversion, emphasis mechanisms, relative clauses, participial clauses, subjunctive and conversational grammar, and familiarity with practices and "smart choices" strategies in the relevant part of the examination as well. 
  • The Boost your Writing Skills Workshop will help students familiarize themselves with a variety of topics and genres involved in the writing part of the ECCE exam, namely letters, e-mails and essays, simulating the standard time allotted in the exam. They will develop their skills through detailed and continuous (often simultaneous) feedback to help them organize their ideas effectively and select expressive structures more accurately. 
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Get the Certification

The ECCE constitutes an official certification of knowledge of the English language at B2 level.

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