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English for International Business Communication

Business English
Starting Soon
60 hours
Upper Intermediate

An interactive program with results you can immediately use in your work 

Our online, interactive 60-hour program helps you develop confidence and sophistication in the use of English when dealing with situations in the workplace and interacting with native and non-native speakers. 

During the program you will be exposed to authentic language through case studies, and you will take part in simulations, role-plays and conversations.

  • Emphasis is put on verbal communication and cross cultural issues.
  • You will have no homework. All activities are performed online.

The program is taught through Zoom in small groups of up to 12 people.So far more than 900 professionals have successfully completed the program.

Interacting face-to-face 

  • Making the right first impression 
  • Introducing oneself and others (personal details, job, responsibilities) 
  • Welcoming visitors 
  • Making small talk 
  • Keeping the conversation going 

Interacting with others in a social context 

  • Socializing with confidence 
  • Dealing with cross cultural issues and misunderstandings 
  • Avoiding faux pas 
  • Inviting, accepting or declining invitations 
  • Using humor and anecdotes 

Dealing with difficult clients 

  • Being diplomatic 
  • Solving problems  
  • Calming down hostile customers 

Writing business correspondence 

  • Writing and replying to inquiries and complaints 
  • Writing faxes and memos 
  • Drafting reports, proposals and plans 
  • CVs, resumes and cover letters 
  • Email tips and netiquette 
  • Getting to the point 
  • Indicating attitude 
  • Contrasting and linking ideas 
  • Using formal or informal language 
  • Using passive or active voice appropriately 
  • Expressing negative ideas 
  • Editing the document 
  • Checking punctuation 

Communicating over the phone 

  • Asking for and giving information 
  • Preparing to make a call 
  • Receiving calls 
  • Teleconferencing 
  • Taking and leaving a message 
  • Arranging appointments 
  • Overcoming the secretarial barrier 
  • Problem solving and dealing with complaints on the phone 

Giving presentations 

  • Choosing a presentation technique 
  • Discussing products, brands and the marketing mix 
  • Using visual aids and talking about the content of visual aids 
  • Listing information 
  • Linking ideas and sequencing 
  • Summarizing and concluding 
  • Ending a presentation 
  • Handling questions and discussions 

Handling business meetings 

  • Establishing the purpose of the meeting 
  • Using the language of decision making 
  • Stating and asking for opinions, being persuasive 
  • Interrupting and handling interruptions 
  • Asking for and giving clarifications 
  • Delaying decisions 
  • Keeping minutes 

Negotiating and making agreements 

  • Types of negotiations 
  • Making an opening statement 
  • Bargaining and making concessions 
  • Accepting and confirming or rejecting an offer 
  • Summarizing and ending the negotiation 

What students say

Perfect organization! Michael is an excellent teacher! Ioannis Marios Vamvakaris, CEO & Founder, Voiceland

A wonderful course with an excellent teacher. Interactive, enjoyable, really helpful. Now I feel more confident to communicate in English. Christina Orfanou, Supervisor of Domestic Market Settlements, Eurobank

Helpful, interactive, flexible, enjoyable Athanasios Kousouris, ISO Consultant, Census Labs

This course met my expectations overall. The best Instructor ever, the effective training materials and last but not least the great support of an excellent Coordinator. Tania Papagiavi, Personal Assistant, Hellenic Capital Market Commission

It was a great journey for me, that fit exactly my needs and managed to make me love the English language. Dimitra Koursounidou, Administrative Assistant, Exothermia

You can register, or have your employer register you up to one day before the start date of the program if there are still available places.

Add the program to the shopping basket. The first time you place an order you need to register. For company registrations please check the box “I am booking on behalf of my company”.

Then, fill out your personal details and select an invoice or receipt to be issued.

Then, pay the tuition fee. Payment is available by:
a) debit, prepaid, or credit card (interest-free installments will be visible if available),
b) Bank payment ID, that you can use to pay at the bank or via ebanking.  If you register as an individual you can pay €300 upon registration, while the remainder is due by 30 March 2023. If you have asked to issue an invoice the full fee must be paid upon registration, or
c) IRIS and direct debiting your bank account.

Please note that once you successfully place your order you will receive an automated confirmation message. This does not mean that your registration is complete. Your place is reserved once you pay the relevant tuition fee. When payment is recorded in the system, we will contact you to confirm your registration. Employers who enroll 3 or more employees in the program receive a 10% discount on the total amount of fees. This discount is visible in the shopping cart. 


Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool, compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, that  allows users to meet and attend classes online. You can use Zoom from your PC or laptop, but also from your iPad or smartphone. You will have to download Zoom to one of your devices to be able to attend this program. We will send you a step-by-step guide once you register. If you use your PC or laptop you will also need a webcam, microphone, and speaker. Most computers have a microphone and speaker, but you can also use a headset with a
microphone for better sound quality.

We have designed more than 3000 hours of specialized Business English programs in consultation with employers and delivered them in-house on their premises and online. All  began from  a clear understanding of the language needs of the company’s participants, as well as the company’s objectives for doing this training. This careful analysis of needs and objectives ensures that you will have a training program that is useful and relevant for your participants’ daily work. 

Industries we have designed and conducted customized Business English courses for include: Food & Beverage, Embassies/ Diplomats, Maritime, Aviation, Construction, Business Consultants, Insurance, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods, Legal Services, IT Solutions, Export Services, Banking, Travel and Tourism. 

Michael Robbs
Business English Instructor

Michael Robbs holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Human Studies from University of Bradford, UK, and an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from St. Michael's College, USA. He is an award-win ...

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