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Ship Financing, Sales & Purchase Agreements

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12 hours

MOAS - Saleform 2012 - Shipbuilding Contract - Scrap sale

The field of ship sales is highly specialized and often lawyers, brokers and executives of shipping companies encounter difficulties in understanding the terms contained in the relevant agreements as well as their practical implications.

The main goal of the seminar is to present the overall process of buying and selling a ship {either used (second hand), or newbuilding, or for scrap / recycling} and to explain the basic structure and main clauses of such agreement.

Also, the practical dimension of key issues raised during the negotiation and duration of the relevant contracts will be analyzed.

Please review course details in our Greek page.

Stamos Theloudis
Legal English and Shipping Instructor

Stamos Theloudis earned his LL.M degree from the Law School of the University of Bristol in 1991. He was admitted to the Athens Bar Association the following year and has since been practicing law.His ...

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