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The Learning English lessons produced by the Hellenic American Union present the activities of a group of young reporters working for a radio station. Their job involves collecting information on current affairs from a unique perspective by interviewing people live on radio. Apart from studio interviews, our reporters sometimes have to travel all over our global village to provide listeners with live reports from the site of events.

The main host of the show is Vanessa. Vanessa, together with her colleagues Nick, Alexander, Lisa and Denise, are a group of restless journalists who, through their intriguing radio show, share information about the history of things in our everyday lives, about science and cutting edge technology, and even about common people with interesting stories.

Our restless reporters are above all human, so in some of the lessons we get to know how they interact with others in their daily lives and what they do to escape from routine and work.

Meet our friends


Hellenic American Union English Podcasts - VanessaVanessa, the host of the program, is such a cheerful and outgoing person that you would never guess her obsession to detail in research and coordination. She often says, "I adore getting all the details in preparing my radio show exactly right, and never knowing what to expect on air!"





Hellenic American Union English Podcasts - NickNick says that he enjoys his work on the radio show because he loves being part of such an amazing team. He points out that the camaraderie that exists among the members of the team is the key to the success of the show. 





Hellenic American Union English Podcasts - AlexanderAlexander started his on-air career serving as Sports Anchor for a sports-related radio show. He says: “There is nothing like the thrill of watching a team win a game in the last seconds of a match. So, in a live radio show you should always expect the thrill of the unexpected!”





Hellenic American Union English Podcasts - LisaLisa enjoys reporting from places around the globe because of the wide range of experiences she can get. She feels that her understanding of the cultures of the world has expanded.





Hellenic American Union English Podcasts - DeniseDenise states that what she enjoys most about the radio show is the passion that drives everything that goes on air. This passion, she says, comes from the interaction of the reporter and the listener.

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