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The lessons present the activities in the lives of a group of young people - a ‘parea’, as they are called in Greek. These friends live in Athens and go out for a cup of Greek coffee or a meal, go to the shops, movies or theater, stay home and watch TV or talk on the phone, and, in general, do everything that Greeks do on a regular basis.

In our lessons, you are going to meet Xenophon, a humorous character who follows these young people around and makes comments on their actions.

The organization of the material is more or less the same for each lesson:

  1. You hear a dialogue or individual phrases twice.
  2. You are asked to repeat parts of what you have heard.
  3. You may be asked to choose the right answer to a question relating to the material presented, but don’t worry, Xenophon always gives you the correct answer.
  4. You are provided with cultural or communication tips that are intended to enhance your understanding of the contemporary Greek reality.

Meet our parea


Learning Greek Podcasts - XenophonHe’s the mysterious but catalytic character of the series. Even though he’s not a member of the parea, he’s always with them to comment on their actions. Listen for him, during or after what the other characters say; apart from his funny remarks, he will guide you through each lesson, give you tips on Greek behavior and might even help you with answers to questions on what you hear.
In Greek, his name (Ξενοφών) derives from ancient Greek and means "foreign voice”.

His origins as well as place of residence are unknown.





Learning Greek Podcasts - DimitrisHe’s a university student and comes from Thessaloniki, in northern Greece. He lives in a small house outside the center of Athens, near the University. In Greek, his name (Δημήτρης) derives from Dimitra, the ancient Greek goddess of agriculture, and means “he who comes from the earth”.





Learning Greek Podcasts - MariaShe works as a shop assistant in a clothes store and comes from Iraklion, a city in the island of Crete. She lives in the area of Dafni, close to the center of Athens.

Her Greek name (Μαρία) came into the Greek language with the spread of the New Testament.





Learning Greek Podcasts - YiorgosHe works in a travel agency and comes from Athens. He lives ιin the city center. In Greek, his name (Γιώργος) derives from ancient Greek and means “the one who works the land”.





Learning Greek Podcasts - EleniShe’s a nurse in a big hospital and lives in downtown Athens. In Greek, her name (Ελένη) derives from Eleni, the ancient Greek goddess of vegetation and fertility. Another Eleni was the daughter of Zeus and Leda, famous for her beauty; her abduction by Paris was the cause for the Trojan War.

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