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Adolescents ECCE

Young Learners & Adolescents ∙ Exam Prep Courses

This course aims at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The course includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking components that draw on new trends in educational technology and language teaching. It aims to prepare students for the ECCE (or possibly other B2 exams, e.g., ABLE B2) they are to sit for after the end of the course.

At this level, students are typically expected to be able to:

  • understand the main ideas as well as the details of longer texts on both concrete and abstract topics,
  • interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native and non-native speakers quite possible without strain for either party,
  • produce clear, detailed texts on a wide range of subjects and buttress a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options,
  • take part in the B2 level certification exams of the University of Michigan (ECCE) (or possibly other B2 exams, e.g., ABLE B2 of the Hellenic American University)

This course provides practice in reading, listening, writing, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary.

  • The reading component typically consists of adapted and authentic texts as included in the selected textbooks used or in the additional teaching material designed by the Academic Team specifically for the needs of the course, covering a wide variety of topics, including shopping, food, the environment, education, holidays, technology, etc. Students will also get practice in the types of reading activities found in the ECCE (or possibly other B2) exams.
  • The listening component typically consists of listening to people talking in different situations, e.g., (phone) conversations, routine interactions, interviews, talks, communication between native and non-native speakers of English from all over the world, etc. Students will also practice exam-type listening activities for the ECCE (or possibly other B2) exams.
  • The writing component typically consists of writing ((in)formal) letters and e-mails, essays, etc., and practicing on writing activities found in the ECCE (or possibly other B2) exams.
  • The speaking component typically consists of pronunciation and intonation practice, choosing an option, describing experiences and preferences, expressing personal opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, making complaints and suggestions, giving short presentations, etc. Students will also get practice in the types of speaking activities found in the ECCE (or possibly other B2) exams.
  • The grammar component typically consists of the complete verb system (active and passive voice), prepositions, relative clauses, conditionals, wishes, modal verbs, gerunds/infinitives, causative, reported speech, etc.
  • The vocabulary in this course consists of collocations, synonyms-antonyms, word formation, prefixes and suffixes, phrasal verbs, idioms, and sophisticated vocabulary associated with the topics under discussion. Particular emphasis will be given to the vocabulary contained in the practice tests for the ECCE exams.
  • Students will practice on tests simulating the time and conditions of the exams.
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Get the Certification

The ECCE and the ABLE B2 constitute official certifications of knowledge of the English language at B2 level.

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