10 ways to read quickly and efficiently

  1. Always read in the proper lighting conditions. Ideally, there should be as much natural light as possible.
  2. Pay particular attention to your reading position. When you read, your body should be in an upright position to ensure alertness and focus.
  3. Angle the reading material at 45 degrees to ensure comfortable eye contact with the text.
  4. Try to avoid spaces where there is noise or a lot of people distracting your attention.
  5. Make sure the reading environment has the proper temperature and is properly ventilated.
  6. Consider your reading purpose. The more you know what you can expect to get out of the particular text, the more you will understand what you read.
  7. Look at the front cover, back cover, information about the writer, table of contents and other material for important information,
  8. Scan the text for potentially important pieces of information (graphs, dates, chapters, names).
  9. Read the text from beginning to end without interruptions, without keeping notes or highlighting and without going back to those parts you believe you haven’t understood well.
  10. Read the text again at a flexible reading rate. Go quickly through the parts you do not consider important and focus on those parts requiring your focus and attention for maximum comprehension.
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