5 Practical Exam Tips

  1. Take Spares
    Take spare pens and pencils just in case the one you are using stops working.
  2. On time, not just in time
    Allow for problems, hold-ups and traffic jams on the way to the exam center and make sure you arrive with time to spare so that you can go in calmly rather than in a frantic rush.
  3. It may sound self-evident, but ...
    Don't forget to read the instructions and make sure you know what you are being asked to do. You should go into the exam well aware of what is expected of you, but you should always check the instructions just to be sure. Don't spend too much time doing this, though.
  4. Honesty
    Honesty is the best policy, however language tests are designed to test your language and not whether a response is entirely true or not- don't worry about distorting the truth a little in order to demonstrate an accurate use of language.
  5. Zzzzz ...
    Try to get a good night's sleep before any exam.
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