Kindergarten Courses for 5 year-old children

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The Hellenic American Union’s kindergarten program for five-year-olds is based on an innovative, enjoyable student-centered teaching method, making it highly effective and beneficial for our students!  Our priority is providing quality education in an English language learning environment.  Using TPR* and S.P.I.C.E. *, students are given the opportunity to explore hands on and in the process discover how to develop their skills and abilities and build their vocabulary. Our program focuses on learning language using multisensory activities incorporated in every lesson. Learning a foreign language is not only about oral communication, it is about children becoming aware of and understanding the world around them. Set them on the right course to building their future. They are on their way, building their future! 

*TPR= Total Physical Response
*S.P.I.C.E. = Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Experimental



  • Kindergarten Courses
    Preschool-aged children acquire the English language through entertaining activities and games in a non-threatening environment.
  • Summer Kindergarten Courses (4-5 years old)
    A summer course for new and/or kindergarten graduates that want to further develop their English language (oral communication) and overall skills.
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