If I don’t want to attend classes on site, can I still take the course?

Of course! Just indicate that you want to attend online when you register. If you change your mind later on and want to attend onsite lessons, you can do so, but only if there is room in the classroom.

What equipment do I need to attend an online course?
  • A computer (laptop, desktop pc or tablet) - not a mobile phone.
  • Good internet connection (suggested line of 24 Mbps)
  • You do not need to download any applications; just click the link to the online eLearning platform.
  • A camera and microphone.

You should be familiar with any device you will be using.

You will be given instructions at the beginning of the course on using the eLearning platform and setting up your equipment to use it, such as the microphone and camera.

If you’re taking the course online, we suggest you do so in a quiet room.

Do I have to use the camera during the online attendance?

Yes, you will need the camera and microphone to participate in the lesson and interact with your fellow students and the teacher. Without this equipment you will miss out on a considerable part of the lesson.

What eLearning platform will Ι be using—and why?

The Hellenic American Union uses the educational platform Blackboard Learn Ultra, together with a special collaboration tool for online learning called Blackboard Collaborate. The platform is globally regarded as a model of synchronous and asynchronous online learning and is used by more than 17,000 educational organizations and universities.

Here’s why we’ve selected this platform for our courses:

  • You learn in an enjoyable, friendly online learning environment: As a student in this online learning environment, you’ll participate in special communities of practice, take part in polls and quizzes, work online in collaboration rooms, and practice oral and written speech in audio and video chats.
  • You have 24/7 access to a great variety of educational material and different ways of learning: The educational material for each class is available 24/7 on Blackboard Learn Ultra. Since students have different learning styles, material is provided in different forms and types, such as written text, listening files and videos. Although you and your fellow students participate as a group, the course can be personalized based on your own needs.
  • Your teacher can follow your work more closely and give quick feedback: The platform enables the teacher to monitor and assess your participation in detail at any moment and intervene and correct when needed. Students are expected to work with the course material on the platform; this is a requirement for completion of each level. This requirement applies to all courses, whether asynchronous or synchronous.
  • Your privacy is respected: Your participation in the hybrid/flex(ible) lesson through the Blackboard Collaborate platform is NOT taped or recorded digitally in any way by any of the people involved.
As a parent/guardian, how can I check my child’s attendance in the hybrid class?

The student will have an individual password to enter the online class and use the Blackboard platform, where they can access the assigned tasks and material. We understand that they may not want to share their passwords with you. However, we will provide you with frequent updates of your child’s progress.

Do I need to buy books? What kind of material is given?

The list with the books and the material you need to buy is given out at the beginning of the school year. There is no extra cost for the Blackboard Learn Ultra platform and connection through Blackboard Collaborate. Your teacher will also be giving you educational material in printed or electronic form throughout the year, also free of charge.  If you are doing an exam preparation class, you will be provided with HAU books free of charge.

Why is distance learning gaining such ground in foreign language learning?

Distance learning, either synchronous or asynchronous, is being used more and more in many countries because it offers:

  • greater interactivity and participation for the student
  • more chances for the teacher to support each student individually
  • more educational hours and engagement with the subject taught
  • more tools for practice and interaction
  • rich digital educational material
  • regular assessment of student’s progress
  • familiarization with new ways of communication and collaboration
  • saving time on transportation
  • easy attendance from a familiar place
How can I register?

For information regarding registration (days, times, and fees), please contact the Registration Office at 2103680083 / 2103680023. 


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