Digital Marketing and Growth Marketing Seminars

Gain essential marketing skills and a deeper understanding of digital marketing strategies and tools.

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Certificate in Digital Marketing

Next Session: 20 January - 29 April 2020

This is where you start your journey into the wonderland of digital marketing.  This comprehensive 160+ course is designed to help you delve into current digital marketing best practices, tools and techniques. Learn how to develop a digital marketing plan and promote and expand your business online.

This course also includes the OMCA Foundation elearning course adding another 25+ hours of training, which is powered by MarketMotive, and prepares you for the emerging professional certifications: OMCATM and OMCP®.

Assessment: You will enhance your knowldge and skills by preparing a case study which will be reflected in your award title, and you may also include it in your CV as your first digital marketing project.

Growth Hacking Academy

28 January - 20 March 2020 - 51 hours

Advanced digital marketing course - take your digital marketing skills to the next level. Learn growth marketing tools and techniques.

Content Marketing Academy

13 Nov 2019 - 10 Jan. 2020 - 39 hrs

A unique specialized course on content marketing best practices, as applied in major companies such as Coca-Cola, Hubspot, Nike.  Learn how to be a content machine.

Google AdWords & Google Analytics Workshop

A unique 40-hour course with everything you need to know to exploit Google's premium advertising and analytics tools.

Performance Marketing Academy

31 March - 26 May 2020 - 33 hrs

One of the first things you learn in search engine marketing is that if you want more traffic to your website, you basically have 2 options: a) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and b) PPC (Pay Per Click). This course will focus on PPC tools and techniques mainly working with Google and Facebook platforms. This course is designed with digital marketers who have basic experience in performance marketing, as basic terminology and functions of these tools will not be covered.

SEO Academy

May 2020 - 33 hrs

Advance your SEO skills.

Influencers Marketing

12 hours

Learn how to find the appropriate influencers for your business, learn how to work with them, guide them and pay them accordingly to maximize ROI of your influencers marketing campaigns.

Retention Marketing

16 hours

Digital marketing and technology offer a wealth of tools and techniques to enhance customer relationship and user experience and gather valuable marketing data. Learn how to retain the customers you want, learn how to make them buy more and more frequently. Learn how to make them your brand's advocates.

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