List of Risk Management Seminars


  • Performance Oriented Operational Risk
    Examine how a bank manages its operational risk profile to remain within its risk appetite.
  • IFRS - Financial Instruments
    The objective of the training is to provide participants with leading and relevant updates on IFRS9 implementation.
  • Advanced Operational Risk
    Examine key qualitative operational risk techniques
  • WACC and the Optimal Capital Structure
    his training begins with a description and discussion of the main accounting parameters that are relevant in the context of capital structure and cost of capital
  • Risk Management in Banks
    This training will introduce the various types of banking risk and risk-based regulation. It will explain the current risk-based regulations and review the major risks faced by banks
  • Value-at-Rsik
    This training takes participants through a standard curriculum of VaR information which is required knowledge for many staff within banks
  • Financial Risk and Regulation
    This four-day preparation course for the Finacial Risk & Regulation,delivers a deep, qualitative understanding of risk management methodologies, governance structures for the management of risk in banks, and the regulatory principles outlined by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.
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