International Project Management Association (IPMA) Level D Examinations


Benefits of IPMA D Certificate

Eligibility requirements

Structure, format and language of the IPMA test

IPMA Preparation Course

Credential maintenance

The International Project Management Association (IPMA)

The Greek National Member of IPMA and the PMGCert Certification Body

Benefits of IPMA D Level Certificate

  • IPMA is a competency based professional certification recognized in the 57 countries-members of IPMA andcounts more than 200,000 certified professionals.  In Greece the IPMA certification system is growing fast.  From 2008 more than 350 professionals were certified with IPMA D Level.
  • Because experience is not compulsory to apply for the IPMA D Level, this certificate is ideal for university students or for those professionals who do not yet have a systematic approach to the project management discipline.
  • In contrary to knowledge-based certifications, IPMA Certification is a competency-based assessment test that offers employers greater confidence that the project manager can actually perform the project roles assigned.
  • IPMA is the only international certification system that is designed to allow collaboration and alignment with any local project management standard, quality management standards (ISO, EFQM etc), and compliance with any legal or constitutional or governmental instructions or constraints.

Eligibility requirements

Project management experience is not compulsory for IPMA D Level.  However it is an advantage if you have project management knowledge or experience to some extent already.  To apply to PMGCert, the Greek certification body for IPMA, you must complete an application form and a Self-assessment form. See more

You must acquire and study the ICB v.3 and PM-Baseline v3 of the Austrian PMA prior the exam.

Structure, format and language of the test

The first part of the exam is a one hour computer-based test with multiple choice, true/false, commensurate questions, and questions that require a high degree of numeracy.  You need a score of 75% to pass this part.  The second part of the exam is an1½-hour written test with essay questions of about 300 words each.

The test can be given in English or in Greek. In the Greek version, project management terminology is also translated to English. 

Τhe Hellenic Certification Body PMGCert offers the IPMA examinations in Greece in collaboration with the Austrian Certification Body, PMA-Zertifierungsstelle.    IPMA examinations in Greece are based on IPMAs ICB, v.3, and the PM-Baseline of PMA (the Austrian PM Baseline).

IPMA D Level Preparation Course

Get ready to pass the IPMA D Level examination with our 24 hour intensive preparation course, provided by IPMA Certified trainers.  If you do not have any project management knowledge or experience, we recommend taking first one of our basic project management courses.

Credential maintenance

IPMA D Certified professionals must re-take exams every 5 years, or continue to the next level.

The International Project Management Association and the Greek IPMA National Member

The IPMA, the world’s oldest (1967) project management organisation, is an association of 45 national project management associations. IPMA promotes a 4 level competency-based Certification Scheme (Levels A,B,C,D) which measures the ability to manage projects, programs and project portfolios.  IPMA Level D is the foundation certificate. The IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB) is the basis for this certification system. 

PMGCert, the Greek IPMA certification body, is an offspring of the Centre for Construction Innovation of the National Technical University of Athens, which has been ISO9001:2008 certified.

PM-Greece, a non-profit scientific association, is the Greek National Member of IPMA. National member associations carry out their own certification program on the basis of their National Competency Baseline.  Since PM-Greece has not yet developed the National Competence Baseline, PMGCert http://cert.cci.grhas selected the PM Baseline of the Austrian Project Management Association.  Therefore if you pursue the IPMA D level certificate you must also acquire the PMA’s PM Baseline.

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