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The PM² Alliance is an international member-driven and volunteered non-profit organization founded by PM² certified practitioners. The PM² carries the torch of the Open PM² vision an promotes and evolves the PM² Methodology. 

The PM² Methodology (read P-M-squared) is a project management methodology developed, supported and employed by the European Commission.

It is also used by numerous European institutions, as well as large and smaller organizations in the private sector.  PM² is a simple and easy-to-use methodology that combines well-known best practices derived from the experience of European Institutions in managing thousands of programmes, projects and grants (EU Grants).

The PM² Alliance offers the following certifications:

  1. PM² Essentials

  2. Agile PM² Essentials

  3. PM² Advanced

Benefits of PM² Certification

Eligibility requirements

Preparation Courses

Credential maintenance

PM² Alliance


Benefits of the PM² Certification

  • PM² demonstrates understanding of the PM² Methdology and the PM² Model at an adequate level enabling them to apply PM² effectively in their project work.
  • PM² Alliance certifications are high-quality and accessible to the general public. All you need to do is study; once you know the methodology, you can take the exams quickly and conveniently from your own computer (Online Proctored Certification Exam Centre), avoiding time-consuming and costly registration procedures
  • Twelve years after its successful implementation within the EU, PM² is the methodology most European institutions which apply strict election critieria, have chosen (ECB, EIB Council, Parliament, etc). In order words, it is a  European Success Story.
  • Less is more!  PM² has deliberately avoided becoming yet another "encyclopaedia" of everything you ever wanted to know about project management. Instead, PM² has been written with its users in mind, from their perspective and addressing their needs. Therefore studying for the certification does not require endless hours of memorizing models, theories, inputs and outputs.
  • The methodology guide and available standard documents (artefacts) are open and free to the public (open-source licence—they are also available in Greek), so there is no cost there for studying materials.
  • There are no re-certification fees, certification maintenance obligations (yet). This certification scheme is also based on the open source model for one, easy to use and free for all project management methodology.
  • PM² Certification is ideal for those new to project management, i.e. students, or professionals of related fields (i.e. marketing, new product development, hr, operations, IT, etc) who have not been exposed to a systematic way of managing projects.

Eligibility requirements






PM² Essentials


No prerequisites

PM² Essentials
Registration information

Agile PM² Essentials
  1. Achievement of at least one of the PM² Essentials or Advanced Certifications
  2. Agile PM² preparation training delivered by a PM² Alliance Certified Trainer

Agile PM² Essentials
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Advanced PM² Certification

There are no formal prerequisites for the PM² Advanced Certification exam.

However, we recommend first achieving a PM² Essentials Certification and following an advanced PM² preparation training from a PM² Alliance Affiliated Training Provider.

Advanced PM² Examination Information

PM² Certifications Preparation Courses

In association with the PM² Alliance, we offer the PM² Essentials Prep Course and the Agile PM² Essentials Prep Course.

Credential maintenance

No maintenance is required.  These certifications promote the Open PM² vision and the movement for an open, free to all, easy to use project management methodology.  Therefore there are no costs involved in maintaining the certifications. 

The PM² Alliance

The PM² Alliance is an international, not-for-profit organization. Founded by PM² practitioners, the Alliance brings together individuals from institutions, companies and academia to inspire dialogue, share resources, and address the field’s challenges while promoting the wider adoption of the PM² Methodology. See more.

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