The Art of Managing Change with a Simulation Workshop

Projects might end well, but how confident are you that project deliverables will be successfully integrated into the organization?

This course introduces organizational change concepts from the perspective and context of projects and project management.  It present an overview of the dynamics and challenges of planning and implementing the organizational changes required to ensure that project deliverables are successfully integrated into the organization.

The seminar includes a simulation workshop, where you will work in teams in an intensive and instructive decision-making, consensus-building experience.  You will assess current change management processes in your organization against best practices. Specifically, we will discuss on introducing, planning and managing change, managing change agents and overcoming as many (anticipated or not) obstacles to change.

This course grants 16 PDUs in PMI®’S talent triangle. (8 PDUs awarded in Technical PM, 8 PDUs awarded in Strategic)

Who should attend

This workshop is an experiential learning experience for middle- to senior-level managers and project managers who need to implement a project’s results or a new initiative in their organizations and evaluate current organizational change management processes and behaviors.

How does this workshop work? – What is the EIS Simulation?

During the first day of the course we provide an overview of change management concepts, building on the nature of organizational change, enablers and obstacles, group dynamics in changing, and sources of resistance.  We provide insights on current best practices in leading people to change and identifying and managing change agents. 

We start the EIS Simulation on the second day, where participants working in groups are challenged to introduce an innovation in a division of the EuroComm corporation.  Participants, operating as change agents, can choose among many different initiatives and change management tactics to meet their goal.  Each time participants implement a tactic, they immediately receive feedback about the impact of their decisions.  The objective is to get as many adopters as possible, overcoming different forms of individual and organizational resistance to change.

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Course Code MGT200
Department Vocational Training
Instructor George Merguerian, PMP
Instruction Languages EN
Level Intermediate
Prerequisites Experience in managing projects, operating functions, people working in teams
Who should attend Project Managers, Senior Project Managers, Operations Managers, Quality Managers, CEOs
Certificate of AttendanceYes
Certification Track PMP
Continuing Education Credits 16 PDUs
Offered OnlineNo
Course Fees €650.00
Partner Institution Global Business Management Consultants


Days and Hours Start Date End Date Hours per Week
Δευτ.-Τρ. 9.00-17.00 03/04/2017 04/04/2017 16
Last Update At: 2017/02/13 - 12:09:56


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