The domain of women: Pioneers


This year, the established "The domain of women" series focuses on women who made their film debut in the '50s and' 60s and are therefore considered pioneers in the history of Spanish cinema. The five films of this series not only highlight the work and the aesthetic proposal of these pioneering women but are also an excellent historical retrospective of Spain from 1953 to 1981.

The films are screened online with free access. Subtitles available in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Bulgarian.

All movies will be available on the Instituto Cervantes Vimeo channel for 48 hours starting at 22:00  on the specified dates.

  • 09-11/03, 22:00 Segundo López, Urban Adventurer (Spain, 1952, 80 min.) by Ana Mariscal More information
  • 12-14/03, 22:00: The female cat (Spain, 1956, 94 min.) by Margarita Alexandre and Rafael Torrecilla. More information
  • 16-18/03, 22:00: The Cuenca crime (Spain, 1979, 90min.) by Pilar Miró with Amparo Soler Lea. More information
  • 19-21/03, 22:00: Night show (Spain, 1981, 90 min.). Documentary film by Josefina Molina.More information
  • 23-25/03, 22:00: After... Can't Leave You Alone (Spain, 1979-1981, 90 min.). Documentary by Cecilia Bartolomé and Juan José Bartolomé. More information
  • 26-28/03, 22:00: After... Tied and well Tied (Spain, 1979-1981, 90 min.). Documentary by Cecilia Bartolomé and Juan José Bartolomé. Second part of the documentary “After... “. More information

The series of screenings “The domain of women: Pioneers” is organized by Instituto Cervantes – Athens in cooperation with Research group MYC (Women and Cinema), Cinematographic Archive Lluís Benejam, Hellenic American Union, Athens’ Hispanic Film Festival – FeCHA and Spanish-Greek Union for Language and Culture of Thessaloniki.




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