Life Once Again

Jan 24, 2011

Presentation of the book entitled Life Once Again-The Flight of Greek Jews to Palestine (1945-1948) by Karina Lampsa and Yakov Schiby in cooperation with Alexandria Publications...

"Life Once Again" book cover

 The book tells the story of post-war Jewish migration to Palestine. Shortly after the end of the Second World War and in defiance of British rules, Jews began to organize daring missions of clandestine migration to Palestine. It became a movement that would soon spread throughout Europe. The Jews who were still alive at the end of the war—those who had survived the death camps or had come out of hiding—are the main protagonists in the human drama recounted in the book, the greatest part of which is dedicated to the unknown post-car odyssey of Greek Jews. An important part of the book is devoted to the ships that set out for Palestine from a secluded cove off Sounion and to the adventures of their passengers. Having already survived the most horrendous of experiences, they were called on to adapt to a wholly unfamiliar way of life when they arrived in Palestine.

Stefanos Pesmazoglou, Professor of Political Science and History at Panteio University, historian Tasoula Vervenioti and writers Karina Lampsa and Yakov Schiby talk about the book. Journalist Elias Magklinis coordinates the discussion.


Artist Karina Lampsa, Yakov Schiby
Organizer Hellenic American Union, Alexandria Publications
Venue Hellenic American Union Theater
Start Date 24/01/2011
End Date 24/01/2011
Starting Time 20:00
Type Talk - Presentation
Participants Stefanos Pesmazoglou, Tasoula Vervenioti, Elias Magklinis
Languages: EL
Interpretation Provided: No
Registration Required: No
Reservation Required: No
Admission Fee Admission is free
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