From the Iliad to the iPad: The future of books and readers

Oct 4, 2013

A panel discussion in English on books, publishing and bookstores and the digital challenges of the 21st century, in cooperation with the Institute of Ideas and Hellenic American College...


Amidst events such as the shutting down of Estia bookstore in March 2013, the increasing market share of online stores such as Amazon and the growing popularity of e-readers, traditional books, bookstores and readers are going through a period of transition and challenges. Should we stop worrying about book sales and start focusing on what kind of books are being read and talked about? Does the digital age undermine true knowledge and human inquisitiveness or is it widening our horizons? Are we shortsightedly overemphasizing certain negative aspects of the new technologies or is there indeed something to mourn about in view of the possible extinction of cultural spaces such as bookshops and libraries?

Speaking at the event will be: Manolis Andriotakis (journalist, cofounder of GarageTV video platform (, Areti Georgili (owner of Free Thinking Zone bookstore), Vangelis Davitidis (journalist), Dr Tiffany Jenkins (sociologist, cultural analyst and commentator), and Alexis Stamatis (author, playwright and poet). Moderator: Claire Fox (director, Institute of Ideas; panelist, BBC Radio 4's Moral Maze)

Since its inception in the year 2000, the Institute of Ideas has served as a forum of free thinking and a vigorous exchange of ideas regarding critical or controversial social issues of our times. Starting out as simple meetings between individual students, professors and intellectuals, these events were commended for daring to ask difficult questions and for inviting panelists to speak outside of their professional roles. Their success proved the widespread thirst for a lively constructive debate. Freed from the constraints of demands for practical policy, participants become true creative thinkers.



Organizer Hellenic American Union, Hellenic American College, Institute of Ideas
Venue Roof Top (8th Floor)
Start Date 04/10/2013
End Date 04/10/2013
Starting Time 19:30
Type Symposium
Participants Manolis Andriotakis, Areti Georgili, Vangelis Davitidis, Dr Tiffany Jenkins, Alexis Stamatis, Claire Fox
Languages: EN
Interpretation Provided: No
Registration Required: No
Reservation Required: No
Admission Fee Admission is free
Last Update At: 2013/10/07 - 12:49:33



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