Social Media: Friend of Foe?

Sep 22, 2015

A panel discussion in English on social media and their effects, as part of the international series of panel discussions entitled "Battle of Ideas". The event is organized in cooperation with the Institute of Ideas and Hellenic American College (HAEC)...

Panel discussion on social media, as part of the series "Battle of Ideas 2015"

Social media seems to have become an extension of one’s self for many.  The ability of content to go viral and the seemingly non-hierarchical nature of social media has transformed political campaigning, journalism and reporting. And, while social media has been presented as a haven for free speech, the boundaries of what is deemed acceptable to say is ever narrowing. Should we simply accept that we live in a new society where our privacy comes second to our desire to engage with others? Should politics be held to ransom by Twitter mobs?  And has the media’s desire for instant reportage from social media spelt the end of source verification and context in reporting? 

Speaking at the event will be: Nikos Vatopoulos (Arts Editor, Columnist at Kathimerini newspaper and founder of the facebook group Every Saturday in Athens), Agiatis Benardou (Senior Research Associate at the Digital Curation Unit of the ATHENA Research Centre and blogger,, Lida Tsene (Communications Professional and Head of Public Relations, Art and Educational Programs, Comicdom Press and author of From Media Crisis to Social Media), Martyn Perks (writer and columnist for a number of publications including the Independent, Spiked ). Moderator: Ashley Frawley (Researcher and author)


Organizer Hellenic American Union, Hellenic American College (HAEC), Institute of Ideas
Venue Hellenic American Union Rooftop (8th Floor)
Start Date 22/09/2015
End Date 22/09/2015
Starting Time 19:30
Type Talk - Presentation
Participants Nikos Vatopoulos, Agiatis Benardou, Lida Tsene, Martyn Perks, Ashley Frawley
Languages: EN
Interpretation Provided: No
Registration Required: No
Reservation Required: No
Admission Fee Admission is free
Last Update At: 2015/09/23 - 10:34:56



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