Environmental Education

Environmental Education imagePublic interest in the future of our planet and concerns about environmental issues have grown considerably in recent years. More and more people have come to realize that protecting our environment is more than an admirable idea but is instead a matter of personal responsibility that begins with information and awareness and leads to action.

Fostering this sense of responsibility is an important part of our educational programs.

We have always taken a broader view of learning that integrates the acquisition of skills and knowledge with the personal development of students as responsible citizens able to express and support their views. Environmental education is a key part of this broader approach to learning.

Environmental education at the Hellenic American Union is designed to help students:

  • gain knowledge of the global environment, and ancient and contemporary natural and urban monuments both on a local and national scale
  • participate in group educational activities which take place within the natural and urban environment
  • develop foreign language skills through participant observation, classroom learning and environmental research

The most important program of Environmental Education at the Hellenic American Union is the EcoFans Club.

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