European Survey on Professional Success


A Survey which aims to define Professional Success and the support individuals can receive while they pursue it as well as to assess success traits, is conducted by Militos Emerging Technologies & Services and knowl, with the cooperation of ICAP Group S.A, and the support of the Hellenic American Union (HAU), the Hellenic American College (HAEC), the Federation of Hellenic Associations of Young Entrepreneurs (Ο.Ε.SΥ.Ν.Ε), the Greek part of the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs (Business Mentors), and the European Centre of Women and Technology (ECWT).

The questionnaire addresses anyone who has sought and achieved professional success with the aim to shed light into an important aspect of professional, social and individual reality as it is experienced and/or reflected everyday by thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs as well as executives. 

The survey findings will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for individuals who seek success and can become tools of substantial support, reflection and action for those who process and propose employment policies.

Are you a professional, entrepreneur or executive?


The survey is open to participation until 31 October 2013. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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