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  • Nov 10, 2008
    A Weft of Memory
    "A Weft of Memory" book cover   Presentation of the English book, "A Weft of Memory, A Greek Mother’s Recollection of Songs and Poems", with traditional poems and songs from the mountainous region of Epirus...
  • Jun 17, 2008
    Ambivalence book cover  Presentation of the new English poetry collection by Constantine Papakonstantinou...
  • May 15, 2008
    Modern Greek – English Dictionary
    Modern Greek – English Dictionary / Book Cover of Volume I  Presentation of the first volume of the publication "Α Modern Greek – English Dictionary" compiled and edited by Professor Demetrius J. Georgacas (1908 – 1990)...
  • Apr 15, 2008
    Alex: The Story Behind a Missing Child Case
    Antonopoulou's book cover  Presentation of the book by Dr. Christina Antonopoulou...
  • Dec 11, 2007
    Los Angeles
    "Los Angeles" book cover  Book presentation of Los Angeles by author Soti Triantafyllou, in cooperation with Melani Publications...
  • Dec 7, 2007
    Greek Composers’ Union, 75 Years
    Greek Composers' Union logo  Presentation of Apostolos Kostios´ book for the celebration of 75 years of Greek Composers’ Union...
  • Nov 30, 2007
    Lacan & Lévi-Strauss or the Return to Freud
    Jacques Lacan  Presentation of Markos Zafiropoulos´ book. Analysis of a selection of the most important writings by Lacan dating from 1951 to 1957. The book also emphasizes the influence of Claude Lévi-Strauss’ work on the Lacanian Approach...
  • Jun 14, 2007
    The Lions’ Gate - Titos Patrikios
    Titos Patrikios  Presentation of the poetry collection The Lions’ Gate by the eminent Greek poet Titos Patrikios, translated in English by Christopher Bakken, poet and translator, and Roula Konsolaki, translator...
  • May 2, 2007
    Nick Karouzos - Dimitris Lyacos
    Dimitris Lyacos  Presentation of the translation of Nick Karouzos´ Collected Poems by poet and translator Philip Ramp along with the English translation of the theatrical play Nyctivoe by Dimitris Lyacos...
  • Mar 1, 2007
    The Greek-Americans: A History of the Hellenic Diaspora in the USA
    Panelists of the event  Presentation of A History of the Hellenic Diaspora in the USA, by the Greek-American journalist, Bob Marketos. The book chronicles the development of the Greek-American community from its very beginning until 1977...
  • Feb 21, 2007
    Interpreting O’Neill’s Theatrical Speech
    Panelists of the event  Presentation of the book by Dr. Kelly Karagouni, in which she presents the transition from the playwright’s script to its theatrical materialization. She also analyzes the essential motifs that the playwright employs which contribute to the deeper understanding of O’Neill’s work...
  • Jan 29, 2007
    Hellenic Lighthouses
    Hellenic Lighthouses / Book cover  Presentation of the new edition of Hellenic Lighthouses by Gisis Papageorgiou, published by Ammos Publications...
  • Jan 22, 2007
    Small Diary of Borders, Thessaloniki
    Gazmend Kapllani  Presentation of Gazmend Kapllani´s book at the Central Municipal Library of Thessaloniki...
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