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  • Mar 2, 2018
    The Muse sings
    On the occasion of World Poetry Day (March 21), an event of music and verses featuring poetry set to music by Manos Hadjidakis…
  • Mar 1, 2018
    Ionian Breeze
    A concert with works by Ionian Islands composers from yesterday and today…
  • May 2, 2017
    20th and 21st century Music and Symbolism
    Elsa Featham will perform piano works by 20th and 21st century Greek, French, and American composers...
  • Feb 23, 2017
    Duo-ErgOn-aTastOn concert
    The Duo-ErgΟn-a-Taston duet will perform a concert entitled "Pauses... Minima"…
  • Nov 30, 2016
    Greek Composers Write for the Guitar: An Evening of Music for Solo Guitar
    Guitarists Vassilis Kanellopoulos and Haris Kampilis will perform works for solo guitar written by contemporary Greek composers...
  • May 4, 2016
    Hellenic American University Young Creators
    Graduates and students in the Composition strand of the Bachelor of Music program of the Hellenic American College (HAEC) will present their works...
  • Mar 11, 2016
    Pianist Apostolos Darlas in a solo concert of contemporary music
    Apostolos Darlas will perform works for piano by Franz Liszt, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Giorgos Zervos, Apostolos Darlas, Iosif Papadatos and Leontios Hadjileontidis in a concert accompanied by video projections...
  • Feb 3, 2016
    Manos Hadjidakis inspires
    On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the birth of the great Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis, six Greek contemporary composers present works of theirs that were inspired by the artist's life…
  • Nov 23, 2015
    Learning through the Greek Composers’ Oeuvre
    Soloists and seniors of the Athenian Conservatory will interpret works by Manolis Kalomoiris and Yiannis Konstantinidis, followed by a presentation of works by contemporary composers Orestis Bazos, Nikos Panagiotakis and Eleni Skarkou...
  • Nov 3, 2015
    Silent Cinema and New York 1921-1931
    In an event combining silent film and contemporary music, three documentaries featuring a unique perspective of New York in the 1920s will be screened, accompanied by music written by Andreas Zafeiropoulous...
  • Mar 16, 2015
    A musical journey with piano and violoncello
    Maria Moschidou and Vasilis Lykos take us on a musical journey with works by Bartók, Martinů, Prokofiev as well as by Greek composers for piano and violoncello...
  • Feb 12, 2015
    The Nightingale - A concert dedicated to Argiris Kounadis
    In a concert dedicated to Argiris Kounadis, works by Lowell Liebermann (Sonata for Contrabass and Piano), Theodoros Antoniou (Odd couple for Contrabass), Thomas Sliomis (Topos ERRE) and George Hatzimichelakis (Invention II for solo contrabass, first version) will be performed...
  • Jan 23, 2015
    A musical tribute to Manos Hatzidakis
    Pianist Vicky Stylianou and soprano Artemis Mpogris will perform a selection of songs from the cycles "Roman Agora", "Reflections", "Blood Wedding", "Great Erotic", "Pornography" and "Myths of a Woman" during a concert dedicated to the memory of Manos Hatzidakis...


  • Nov 27, 2017
    Old Athens
    Greek serenades by the City of Athens Choir at the Hellenic American Union  Concert with Greek serenades and songs by the City of Athens Choir as part of the tribute series of events about the historic district of Neapolis...
  • Jun 15, 2017
    Manos Hadjidakis: Reflection in the mirror
    Screening of the documentary "Manos Hadjidakis: Reflection in the mirror" at the Hellenic American Union  Documentary screening on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the death of the renowned composer…
  • Jan 26, 2017
    A concert with compositions by Alexandra Papastefanou at the Hellenic American Union  A concert with compositions by Alexandra Papastefanou...
  • Oct 8, 2015
    "The 12 Minerals" for solo piano
    Alexandra Papastefanou presents part of her work entitled "The 12 Minerals" at the Hellenic American Union  A concert by Alexandra Papastefanou with compositions for solo piano and poetry by Miltos Sachtouris set to music...
  • Apr 3, 2015
    Periplous – 50
    Invitation to Panos Lazaratos' song recital  Song recital by tenor Panos Lazaratos...
  • May 23, 2013
    The Modern Harpsichord
    Julie Ventoura  Soloist Julie Ventoura, in a concert offering a panorama of the greatest 20th century composers…
  • Apr 4, 2013
    Mediterranean Guitar Sonatas
    Nikos Zarkos  Concert of the guitarist Nikos Zarkos…
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