In-House tailor made solutions

To best leverage your staff development budget, you want training solutions that are custom designed to meet your specific requirements.

Why choose an in-house solution with us? 


You will know precisely what skills and competences will be taught and what specific training requirements the proposed course addresses. Before drawing up a training proposal we meet with you and discuss in detail your needs and the learning outcomes you want your staff to have acquired at the end of the training. We then develop a comprehensive proposal on the course we can deliver for you, including information about the trainer and the training methodology of the course.


You will know who has learned what. We pay extreme attention to the overall evaluation of the course and make sure that you and your staff know in advance what learning outcomes to expect. After training we use a variety of evaluation performance tools to assess training deliverables and measure the effectiveness of the new competencies acquired by your employees.

Follow up

You will have a base for developing an ongoing, strategic training program. The acquisition of new skills and the enhancement of existing ones are key factors in managing change and fostering company growth. Our courses can be used as a key-scout tool for developing new skills and competencies among your staff so that training can be a strategic continuous process.

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We are happy to discuss your individual or business needs and develop the program of your preference. 

Any of our classroom-based programs can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. However, we are able to offer training in a much larger area of current business areas both in the classroom and online.

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