PRINCE2® Practitioners Certification

This PRINCE2 Preparation seminar is offered through ATO certified trainers and includes training and examinations.

Benefits of PRINCE2®

Eligibility requirements

Structure and format of the PRINCE2®  Practitioners Examinations

PRINCE2®  Practitioners Preparation Course

Credential maintenance

Benefits of PRINCE2® 

  • PRINCE2 is the UK de facto project management methodology. If you plan to work in the UK or work for a UK-based company, PRINCE2 Practitioners would be your first choice.  Elsewhere in the world PRINCE2 is not as popular as PMP or IPMA.
  • PRINCE2 takes an applied project management approach.  It offers you a structured methodology and a step-by-step map to organize, manage and control your projects. 
  • Since experience is not a prerequisite, this certificate is an option for students or professionals with no project management experience.

Eligibility Requirements

Project management experience is not compulsory for PRINCE2 examinations.  However it is an advantage if you have already applied project management knowledge to some extent.  In order to become a Certified PRINCE2 professional you must pass the Foundation and Practitioners examinations.  Studying the manual  Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®, is a prerequisite.  PRINCE2 Foundation certificate is not required to be able to sit for the Practitioners exam, if you have proof of holding at least one of the following certifications: PMP, CAPM, IPMA Levels A, B,C or D.


There are two PRINCE2 qualification levels: PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioners.

PRINCE2® Foundation level is recommended if you needto learn the basics and terminology of PRINCE2. The Foundation Certificate must be achieved prior to the Practitioners Certificate.The Foundation Certificate is awarded upon the successful completion of a one-hour examination comprising 75 multiple choice questions, with a score of at least 50%.

PRINCE2® Practitioners is a higher-level qualification which would be appropriate if you need to manage projects within a PRINCE2 environment.The Practitioners Certificateis awarded upon the successful completion of a 2½-hour examination consisting of essay-type questions with a score of at least 55%.

The Foundation test is graded by our trainer immediately after the test, while the Practitioners test papers are forwarded to UK for marking and the results are communicated about 30 days after the test.

You can take the PRINCE2 exams as a part of our PRINCE2 accredited training program given by an ATO. You may also take the exams 24/7 online from your home.

The PRINCE2 Practitioners Prep Course and Examinations

We provide the PRINCE2 Practitioners Prep course and examinations as a package, in collaboration with an ATO through our partners Global Business Management Consultants, only as a customized solution for companies.  

Credential maintenance

The Foundation test does not expire once passed, the Practitioners credential expires in 5 years and you must re-take the exam to renew. 

PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited
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