The European Institute for Literary Translation

Established by the Hellenic American Union as an autonomous entity in February 2012, the European Institute for Literary Translation brings together financial resources and a variety of programs, initiatives and outreach activities in the field of translation. These are activities in which the Hellenic American Union has had a long history of engagement.

The European Institute for Literary Translation

Mission and Activities

The European Institute for Literary Translation has a broad mission to further the translation and dissemination of Greek literature, promote the study of the Greek language, facilitate cross-cultural dialogue and contribute to training literary translators.  It promotes and supports the translation of Greek literature into English and other European languages, and of European and North American literature into Greek.

In pursuing this mission, the Institute:

  • organizes meetings, lectures, colloquia and conferences;
  • publishes conference proceedings, monographs, periodicals and other material
  • cooperates with international organizations with the aim of forging tighter links between Greek and foreign literature;
  • organizes residences in Greece for translators, poets and writers with the aim of fostering contact with the life and culture of Greece;
  • participates in networks of translation colleges and institutes and with other educational and cultural organizations active in the fields of translation and interpreting;
  • cooperates with professional associations of translators and interpreters;
  • organizes classroom-based and distance-learning literary translation courses for the translation of texts in English, French, German, Spanish,  Italian and other languages into Greek;
  • organizes literary translation prizes and other events to publicly recognize the work of literary translators;
  • supports the work of Departments of Modern Greek Studies at universities abroad;
  • participates as a partner in transnational consortia and projects funded by the European Union and all other kinds of European programs.


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