'The Wicked Mother-in-law'

Dec 13, 2012

Music- theatrical performance based on a fairy tale from the island of Chios…

The Wicked Mother-in-law

'The Wicked Mother-in-law’ is based on a fairy tale from the island of Chios that was found in a manuscript of 1893. In this performance, the text has been left unchanged except for a few minor rearrangements to heighten its use for the stage. 
'The Wicked Mother-in-law’ is included in Despina Damianou’s compilation “Chios Fairy Tales” and this particular tale is taken from a manuscript by Konstantinos Kanellakis. This text was part of a burgeoning revival of interest in folklore that began with the research of academician Nikolaos Politis and his attempt to highlight the continuity of Hellenism.
The fairy tale reflects medieval morals, but many of its mythical elements refer to Greek Antiquity. The plot concludes with a typical moral: good overcomes the malevolence of vicious people and even if the turns of fate seem at times to be on the side of the wicked, the good win out in the end.

George Hatzimichelakis wrote the music, inspired by traditional melodies found in Athos’ manuscripts. Angelina Tkatcheva (santouri), George Hatzimichelakis (outi, flutes, percussion, vocals) play live music during the performance. Emilia Fountouki narrates.

The event is organized by the Greek Composers' Union in cooperation with the Hellenic American Union and the Hellenic American Education Center.


Organizer Hellenic American Union, Greek Composers' Union, Hellenic American Education Center
Start Date 13/12/2012
End Date 13/12/2012
Starting Time 20:30
Type Performance
Participants George Hatzimichelakis, Angelina Tkatcheva, Emilia Fountouki
Languages: EL
Interpretation Provided: No
Registration Required: No
Reservation Required: No
Admission Fee Admission is free
Last Update At: 2012/12/17 - 10:32:17



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