The adventures of ANAPLAGIALOUXA

Apr 12, 2008

Puppet theater and games to introduce the Club’s members to the need for a philosophy of recycling.


On Saturday, 12 April 2008, the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and the Cultural Heritage came in with a big red suitcase full of games and surprises. Their environmental education was summarized in “ANAPLAGIALOUXA”, an acronym that hides in Greek the first letters of items that can be recycled (“ΑΝΑκύκλωσε ΠΛΑστικό ΓΥΑλί ΑΛΟΥμίνιο ΧΑρτί”). The rhythm, games, and variety of the activities enthralled the EcoFans Juniors who had the chance not only to play with recycled toys but also to test their environmental knowledge in a life-size board game were each player was a pawn. The facilitator of the Society soon discovered that the EcoFans Juniors knew more than she expected! When she started explaining the way paper is recycled, the youngsters quickly took over and described the process from their own experience at an earlier workshop in February. It was a mutually satisfying Saturday that left us all enriched and motivated to change first ourselves, then the community, and, in the end, the world.


Start Date 12/04/2008
End Date 12/04/2008
Type Talk - Presentation
Languages: EL
Interpretation Provided: No
Registration Required: No
Reservation Required: No
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