SecondLife® is a virtual world launched by Linden Lab in 2003, in which residents may explore, travel, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, and create or trade virtual property and services with one another.

The Hellenic American Union in SecondLife®

SecondLife® is used as a platform for education by many educational institutions. Language learning is a widespread type of education in SecondLife®, with many universities and private language schools using the 3D virtual environment offered by SecondLife® to support language learning. The Hellenic American Union bought an island in SecondLife® in 2010.



Greek Town in Second Life

Those who visit the island can explore Greek Town and:

  • tour the shops of the square
  • participate in role-playing activities
  • implement their oral skills using voice chat
  • chat and interact with others learning the Greek language
  • for information contact

All visits to Greek Town are free of charge and are addressed to those studying Greek as a second language or foreign language, regardless of their level.

Technical information:

  • Go to to join Second Life and…
    • create an account
    • select your preferred avatar
    • download and install the Second Life viewer
    • Have a slow computer? Download Second Life viewer 1.23: Windows | Macintosh | Linux
  • Start your Second Life viewer and log in (If using viewer 1.23, use your username as First Name, and the word “Resident” as Last Name).
  • Follow the tutorial on Welcome Island to learn how to walk, run, fly, and teleport!
  • Click on the following SLURL to teleport to the HAU island:
Test Administration Center

Visitors, after arrangements have been made, can participate in a simulation of an oral examination of any of the following examinations: BCCE, ECCE, ALCE and ECPE. The avatars of the examiners are used by experienced and certified oral examiners.

EcoFans Park

Visitors to the island can walk the path of the EcoFans and

  • get information about the Club’s past events
  • see a collection of photos from the events
  • watch short videos shot during the events
  • get live feedback (from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm) from the EcoFans organizers

An educational component with language and environmental awareness activities will be added soon.

For further information contact

The Hellenic American Union collects and uses personal information in order to communicate with the members of its public, to provide educational and cultural programs and services, and to improve the quality of services that it offers. The information we have requested in this form will be maintained in digital and/or physical form and used only for the purposes described above.

You have the right to reasonable access to the personal information we have on you, to request of copy of this information, and to correct it if inaccurate. To find out more, contact the Hellenic American Union at


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