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The New Build Up Your Writing and Speaking Skills for the ECPE (Revised 2021 Format)

The New Build Up Your Writing and Speaking Skills for the ECPE (Revised 2021 Format) helps students at C2 level refine their skills in written and oral communication, with specific focus on preparing for the ECPE writing and speaking tests.

The book aims to help students at the C2 level develop and refine their skills in written and oral communication for the ECPE. The book contains a Writing Section and a Speaking Section completely familiarizing students with the practices of the test as well as offering them opportunity to analyze their performance. To ensure the complete preparation of students, a Teacher’s book with all correct answers is also available.

Key Features:

Writing Section:

  • 6 ALL NEW units
  • 24 model compositions covering all task types.
  • Engaging topics geared towards teenagers and young adults 
  • Ample writing practice covering all task types: articles, proposals, essays
  • Focus on understanding and incorporating information from sources - graphs, figures, and quotes
  • Analysis of model compositions accompanied by tasks focusing on writing techniques to meet the ECPE writing scoring criteria
  • Ample language and grammar practice
  • Discussion points to help with brainstorming ideas 
  • Students will learn to recognize with precision the different types of composition prompts on the ECPE writing test and respond to each in an appropriate way, using the right language, organization, and content. 

Speaking Section:

  • 6 units with exercises for close analysis of test taker performance
  • Speaking tests with information sheets for three test takers, for guided and general practice
  • Exercises fully acquaint students with the ECPE speaking test procedure and what they are expected to do in each part of the test.
  • Plentiful listening material presents English as it is actually spoken by various speakers of different national origin and levels of ability.
  • Close examination of test taker responses helps students master useful language and strategies.


  • Student’s Book
  • Teacher’s Edition with overprinted answers
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