A Poetry Evening about Absence

May 24, 2012

Contemporary Greek poets give a voice to "Absence" and read poems about it....

A Poetry Evening about Absence

The actors Marissa Triantafyllidi and Vassilis Karaboulas will read poems by ‘absent’ poets about absence. Together with them will be 23 contemporary Greek poets who will give a voice to Absence through readings of their own work and ‘demonstrate’ that they continue to inscribe absence in their universe of poems, having it  ‘appear’ through the most unexpected of forms.
Katerina Angelaki-Rooke, Dimitris Angelis, Athanassios Alexandridis, Haris Vlavianos, Michalis Ghanas, Zefi Daraki, Dimitris Eleftherakis, Dimitris Kosmopoulos, Maria Kyrtzaki, Maria Laina, Christoforos Liontakis, Yorgos Markopoulos, Kostas Mavroudis, Alexandros Milias, Yorgos Blanas, Kostas Papageorgiou, Kallia Papadaki, Titos Patrikios, Alexandra Plastira, Antonis Fostieris, Thanassis Hatzopoulos, Dimitra Christodoulou will read their own poems.

The event is organised on the occasion of "Apousia" exhibition and it is curated by the poet and psychanalyst Thanassis Hatzopoulos.


Artist Katerina Angelaki-Rooke, Dimitris Angelis, Athanassios Alexandridis, Haris Vlavianos, Michalis Ghanas, Maria Kyrtzaki, Maria Laina, Yorgos Markopoulos, Kostas Mavroudis, Kallia Papadaki, Titos Patrikios, Antonis Fostieris, Thanassis Hatzopoulos
Organizer Hellenic American Union
Venue Hellenic American Union Theater
Start Date 24/05/2012
End Date 24/05/2012
Starting Time 20:00
Type Talk - Presentation
Participants Marissa Triantafyllidi, Vassilis Karaboulas
Languages: EN
Interpretation Provided: No
Registration Required: No
Reservation Required: No
Admission Fee Admission is free
Last Update At: 2012/05/25 - 11:32:51



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