Recycled Art Workshop

Feb 23, 2008

The EcoFans re-examined the issue of recycling and created their own art.

Recycling and Creating

On Saturday, 23 February 2008, experienced teachers of the English Language Program for Young Learners and Adolescents of the Hellenic American Union, bridged with the previous event by re-examining the issue of recycling and by inspiring the EcoFans Juniors for their art work, to be presented later in the school year.

First, the EcoFans Juniors were guided humorously and interactively to examine the “three R’s” (.pdf, 688 KB), (Recycle, Re-use, Reduce), and how they can apply them in their everyday life. The young environmentalists had the chance to work in groups and exhibit actively their knowledge using terms both in English and in Greek.

Then, a short film about Greenpeace was viewed. In processing the film, the teachers were deeply impressed by the extent and detail the EcoFans remembered. The EcoFans were most impressed by how the Greenpeace activists would use their bodies to shield whales, and not few expressed the wish to join Greenpeace.

During the last part of the workshop, the Club’s members were provided with recycled paper and the paper they created in the previous workshop; the all set their minds to create works of art. Soon, inspired by what they had watched and heard, filled the papers with colors and shapes.


Start Date 23/02/2008
End Date 23/02/2008
Type Workshop
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