Final ECCE/ECPE Examination Schedule


Recently, the Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications conducted an extensive online survey among exams stakeholders asking them to place requests for the ECCE and ECPE June, July, or September 2020 exams sessions.

The Hellenic American Union analyzed the tens of thousands of responses received and took them into account in combination with restrictions in effect due to the COVID-19 situation.

Following, the Hellenic American Union developed a final ECCE and ECPE schedule.   

The following must be noted:

  • By May 31, 2020, transfers of all ECCE and ECPE test takers’ applications will have been completed and the final exams administrations dates will have been made available via ORFEAS.
  • By mid-June 2020, all ECCE and ECPE June 2020 test takers’ assignments for the written and oral sections will have been completed and made available via ORFEAS.
  • The ECCE written sections in June and July 2020 will be administered in two sittings only, a morning and an early afternoon one, allowing for proper sanitization of exams rooms before each sitting.
  • The ECCE and ECPE written sections in June 2020 will be administered on weekdays in addition to weekends, allowing for more flexibility in satisfying exams stakeholders requests for the particular month. Due to restrictions in effect because of the COVID-19 situation, it will not be possible to satisfy all requests for weekends in June 2020.

The Hellenic American Union always takes seriously into account exams stakeholders’ requests.

We apologize in case we do not satisfy all requests for the coming ECCE and ECPE administrations. During these critical times, of utmost importance is not to compromise everyone’s health due to the COVID-19 situation.

During these critical times, of utmost importance is for everyone to stay safe!


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Last Update At: 2020/06/10 - 13:33:22

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